Are You Aware that Your Sleep Patern can Affect your Diet?

Are you trying to eat right and exercise but you don't sleep enough hours? According to a new study this suggests that lack of sleep can throw off a diet.

According to CNN Health, research from the University of Chicago showed that dieters who slept for 8.5 hours lost 55 percent more body fat than dieters who slept 5.5 hours

"The dieters who slept less reported feeling hungrier throughout the course of the study," CNN said, even though "they ate the same diet, consumed multivitamins and performed the same type of work or leisure activities." "However, those on 8.5 hours will lose much more fat, while those on 5.5 hours lose mainly muscle, instead of fat, according to an article published in the peer-reviewed journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The researchers, from the University of Chicago stress that adequate sleep is a key contributor to managing body weight."

"Weight-loss dieting usually involves a certain amount of lean tissue (muscle) loss. The dieter should try to lose as little lean tissue as possible. This can be overcome by physical activity (exercise). However, it is clear that not getting enough sleep can undermine any attempts a dieter may make to limit lean tissue loss."

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