Another Great Dieting Idea

I have today a weight loss recipe and it's a vegetable juice, but before I give you the recipe I want to give you some facts. This will be Cucumber and Carrot Juice.

The cucumber is a natural diuretic. It is helpful in dissolving kidney stones. It is exceptionally rich in potassium, the "youth mineral," which promotes flexibility in the muscles and give rejuvenation of the skin and facial appearance. Cucumber juice is also a good source of silicon, sulfur, and trace elements, making it a beautifier of the hair and nails. Cucumbers provide about 250 mg of vitamin A per pound. However,it is important to note that you must use the skin because that's where you find the Vitamin A. When you add carrots you are adding 10,000 IU of pro-vitamin A which your body will safely convert o vitamin A.

It's been discovered that Cucumber is good for the following conditions:

Acne, Arthritis, Eczema, Fever, Fluid retention, Hair loss, High Blood Pressure, kidney disorders, Psoriasis, Weight Loss.

Dr. Walker in his book "Diet and Salads": says that one pint a day seems to be the least that will show perceptible results, so try at least 1/2 to 1 gallon.

Take 2 cucumbers and add 2-3 carrots,if you want to use more you can do that, and either blend them or use a juicer which is better because you will have very little pulp and you will have all the vitamin in it.

Stay tunned I will bring more recipes for a healthful diet and I wish you a happy dieting!

New Ideas for weight loss

  • When food is cooked, canned or processed, then the sugars are converted into starches.
  • Starch and sugar carbohydrates require an alkaline digestion. (such as breads, candies, cereals).
  • Do not start a raw food diet suddendly. It's better to make changes gradually, but as quick as possible, in a consistent way.
  • Eat raw foods one, two or three days a week and the rest of the week plan carefully what combination of meals you want to have but drink a lot of liquids, can be one or two glasses of raw vegetable juices. Next time I will expand more on the juices.
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Stay tunned I will bring more information, ideas and other tips. Thank you friends

Recipe for Weight Loss

Dr. Norman Walker lived to be 115 years and he always promoted salads if you want to get rid of those unwanted pounds.

Here is one:

Everyone loves salads and you can always add whatever other vegetables you want.

Carrots, 2 tablespoonfuls
Lettuce, 2 tablespoonfuls
Tomato, 1/2 medium sized
Celery 2 tablespoonfuls
Red Cabbage, 2 tablespoonfuls
Radishes, 5 small
Apple, 1 large - shredded, preferably Delicious
Avocado, 1/2 medium sized
all of these finely grated, chopped divided into small segments
For garnish - 1 date, chopped walnuts, maraschino cherry, watercress

Arrange in layer beginning with carrots, one top of the other up up to and including a banana. Place radishes around the side of the dish, grated apple in the center, avocado slices around sides, one date quartered placed cross-like in the center, nuts sprinkled over top and maraschino cherry in center. Garnish around edges with watercress.

I work at a hospital and they have salads like this one in which they sprinkle the walnuts and they use a salad dressing like Thousand Island, but for best results use lemon and salt, less calories for you. I hope this works for you. I will be adding more recipes. Come back and see or ask me for more please leave your name and email, thanks.

Other Important helpful Ideas about Weight Loss

When is a person considered overweight? The person is heavier by about 20% than the average for his (her) height and weight.

What is obesity? Obesity is an excess of body fat; too much is being stored. It is also consuming more calories than one can use. All it takes is for you to be 20% overweight.

The average human body has 30-40million fat cells. That is too many for some of us. It has been said that when a person makes an extra fat cell, in order to store some extra fat,he keeps that cell for the rest of his (her) life - even though he or she may remove the fat from it.

Poor diet, fatty foods, and a lack of exercise are common causes of overweight. Other factors include diabetes, hypoglycemia, endocrine glands which do not function properly, boredom, tension, and love of food. Another factor is inadequate intake or absorption of key nutrients, which causes fat to be stored instead of used.

Obesity can be involved with hormonal imbalance in the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, adrenals or pancreas.

I will be including more information in my next article, recipes and ideas on how get rid of unwanted weight. Stay tuned.