Other Important helpful Ideas about Weight Loss

When is a person considered overweight? The person is heavier by about 20% than the average for his (her) height and weight.

What is obesity? Obesity is an excess of body fat; too much is being stored. It is also consuming more calories than one can use. All it takes is for you to be 20% overweight.

The average human body has 30-40million fat cells. That is too many for some of us. It has been said that when a person makes an extra fat cell, in order to store some extra fat,he keeps that cell for the rest of his (her) life - even though he or she may remove the fat from it.

Poor diet, fatty foods, and a lack of exercise are common causes of overweight. Other factors include diabetes, hypoglycemia, endocrine glands which do not function properly, boredom, tension, and love of food. Another factor is inadequate intake or absorption of key nutrients, which causes fat to be stored instead of used.

Obesity can be involved with hormonal imbalance in the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, adrenals or pancreas.

I will be including more information in my next article, recipes and ideas on how get rid of unwanted weight. Stay tuned.

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