More ideas on dieting

Since yo-yo dieting is so harmful, what can you do? Is there any diet plan that really works--and that you can afford? One that will keep you off the diet roller coaster?

Dr. Hans Diehl says: "Don't become a slave to the scale, checking it daily for immediate results to problems that took years to develop. Get started on a healthful program, and be patient".

Dr. Neal Bernard says: "If you are not controlling the amount of fat that you eating, there is little point in worrying about sugar.

Some Heavy Statistics

Americans, on the average, are heavier than the citizens of any other major nation. Excessive weight is one of our leading public health problems, placing more than 34 million Americans at serious medical risk.

What are the risks involved in being overweight? Plenty. Overweight individuals are laying the foundation for almost every degenerative disease except osteoporosis.

Consider this:
Face 3 times the risk of heart disease
4 times more likely to have high blood pressure
Accept a 5 times greater risk of developing diabetes
Live with a 5 times greater likeli-hood of having elevated blood cholesterol
Face 6 times the chance of developing gallbladder disease.
Will experience more cancer of the colon, rectum, breast, cervix, uterus, ovaries, and prostate than average weight individuals.

Next time I will be considering other factors and will include some recipes so come back and read more.

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