How do you Curb Your Appetite and Still Loose Weight?

Eat slowly every meal. You will feel full and eat less than you expect. Try to focus in each bit you eat.

Add vegetables to your meals it ads bulk but few calories. Also drink a full glass of water half an hour before lunch and dinner and you will eat less.

How do you lose weight?

the first thing to do is to make a commitment. Things that will help you achieve that is to think that you will have energy and you will have better health.

Focus in what works for you. Have you had success in the past exercising with other people? Start walking with a friend until you find it enjoyable.

Set a goal and try to stick to it. Accept that weight loss comes slowly 1-2 lbs.a week.

Learn to eat healthy foods
. If you want a long-term weight control and better health then you need to learn everything about healthy foods.

Try to stay active. Cut your calories by 250 calories a day, and it will help you lose half a pound a week. Add to that 30 minutes brisk walk 4 days a week, and you can double the rate of weight loss.

If you can't exercise every day then try doing it 3 times a week for 1 hour. To succeed you need to make it a way of life, you have to do this daily and make it a habit. It's not enough to eat good foods and exercise for a few weeks. Just change your lifestyle.

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