Something Nice for the Hot Days

We are so close to Memorial Day. It's been pretty hot so far. We went from Winter to Summer. I'm sure some of you would appreciate a nice cool fruit salad. I will include also a vegetable salad.

My favorite salad which I have always made is as follows:

Cut up orange sections, strawberries, pineapple small chunks, mango chunks, banana slices, apples in slices,  place it in a large bowl. Make natural orange juice, when is cold pour it over the fruit. It is very nice when it's hot.

You don't want to cook then just make a nice salad. Of course add more than the picture shows. Enjoy!

Take cherry tomatoes cut them in pieces, celery in small pieces, you want a colorful salad, cut romaine lettuce, avocado cut it in slices and leave it for last to garnish your salad, whether you want black or green olives, cut them in pieces too, also cut some cucumbers in slices. You want some protein add feta cheese and some walnuts. Use olive oil, lemon and salt, or if you rather use vinaigrette. Be creative, use all the colors you want, combinations and make a great salad!

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