"Rebounders are small, circular trampolines used indoors for exercise. The standard-sized rebounder has a diameter of 40 inches with a protective covering on top of 5-inch springs around the edge. Some rebounders have a built-in handle to hold onto while bouncing. This helps control balance when first using the apparatus. The rebounder surface is a stretchy trampoline rubber. This allows you to bounce for exercise in the same manner as you would using a large trampoline. Rebounders offer a low-impact exercise that works the legs and helps improve balance. Begin using the rebounder by stepping onto the trampoline surface and bouncing lightly so your feet stay on the surface. Hold onto the built-in bar or a person to control balance. Use the rebounder to walk in place in a bouncing motion for five minutes at a time. Gradually increase the duration as you become comfortable with the exercise. Add to the intensity of the workout by jogging on the rebounder as your fitness increases. Performing high knee lifts while bouncing on the rebounder is another movement that increases the intensity of the exercise. According to, rebounder exercises create G-forces that affect all the cells of the body. This helps improve muscle strength, as well as circulation, coordination and balance. Rebounding is an aerobic activity that gives the same benefits of walking and jogging without harshly impacting the feet, knees and legs. Using the rebounder five times a week for 30 minutes each time helps burn calories and improves cardiovascular health and blood circulation through the body. Considerations Warm up the leg muscles before each workout by bouncing lightly on the rebounder for three to five minutes. Walking in place or on a treadmill is another warm up option. Cool down the body slowly after each rebounder workout by repeating the same movements from the warm up. Consult your physician before using a rebounder for exercise. The physician will verify that you do not have any medical conditions that rebounding might aggravate." Courtesy of

I will have more information about rebounding. I do it and it's wonderful and amazing! Have a good week my friends. See you shortly.

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