Bounce the Pounds Away!

Everyone wants to diet or exercise if interested in weight loss, maintaining weight, or health improvement. The best exercise I have found which I personally endorse it is rebounding. Why? It’s the best exercise, it’s low impact, you don’t get sore or tired doing it. You can rebounce all you want, you can listen to music, or whatever you are watching on tv. The most interesting fact is that as you rebound, your lymphatic system moves the cells through your entire body. What is good to know is that the lymph depends completely on the exercise, you need to move and this is helpful to avoid arthritis, cancer and other related illnesses. Science research has proven that exercise is vital to good health!

The mini trampolin or rebounder is very safe and here are some benefits:

It strengthens the immune system, lowers the cholesterol all of us are concerned about, and even the triglyceride levels, it tones and supports the glandular system, it increases the lymphatic circulation, even more it increases white and red blood cells, it improves arthritis, vision, it moderates appetite we like to hear that because it will help us shed those unwanted pounds, it increases metabolism. If your metabolism is sluggish you will gain weight, so rebounding is great, it helps you burn more calories, it increases balance, coordination, dexterity and endurance. What more can you ask for? I think it’s a fantastic exercise. I personally do rebounding and I have experienced more energy, stamina, it helps me concentrate more in my job and it even helps me sleep better. My mom rebounds. She has had strokes and heart attacks. This exercise has helped her and improved her heart condition.

This kind of exercise is good even for people with limited mobility, back problems, it strengthens your heart muscles, therefore it helps your blood pressure, it helps you with bone mass to avoid osteoporosis or improve your condition. It’s so wonderful that will even help those with anxiety, depression and stress. One thing I forgot to mention is that it helps in the detoxification of the body.

Just make sure you get a good quality rebounder! If you try rebounding you will enjoy it and see the wonderful benefit it offers.

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