Consider Raw Food to Shed Pounds

One of my favorite authors in this area is Dr. N.W. Walker who lived 115 years. I recently saw a lady who eats 90% raw food and she is 99 years old. He thought that almost any combination of raw vegetables and fruits is compatible in salads. I work at a hospital and they give you in a salad Iceberg lettuce, almonds, tomatoes or dried tomatoes, olives, many times the salads will include fruits, like tangerines, cheese, spinach. Salads can be totally vegetarian or some people will add chicken and other meats.

Here is a recipe that I hope you will like

Lettuce 1/2 solid, crisp, chopped, avocado 1/2 large peeled and sliced, pineapple 4 slices, cottage cheese, red pepper sweet, few strips, walnuts 1/4 cupful, some spinach, 2 or 3 stalks of celery. You don't need to add anything else because you already have the cheese. It's a wonderful salad, few calories.

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